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292                             UFE  OF
with us/* In Jantiary, Goethe visits Jena again, and
writes in March—" I hope Herr von Humboldt has
been industrious, and also anticipate conversing with
him again soon on anatomica. I have put aside
some very natural but very interesting chemical pre-
parations for him. Remember me most kindly to
him and the ladies/' Goethe spent nearly the whole
of April in Jena ; and in May he was agreeably sur-
prised, in "Weimar, by a visit from Humboldt. In
June he visits Jena again, and Humboldt accompa-
nies him to Weimar.
Goethe sent his contributidns to the " Horen" in
MS. to Schiller and Humboldt,, and requested them to
read them over once more, and correct them ; he had
made them as complete as his time permitted. He
also sent the MS, of cc Wilhelm Meister/' on which
he was at this time employed, to Schiller, with the
request to mark what he did not approve of; and
adds—cc I recommend my hero and his companions
also to the consideration of Herr von Humboldt and
the ladies/' The friends were delighted; Schiller
made a few marginal notes, and the more important
objection—when Wilhelm receives the present of
money from the countess, through the baron—that
he, as well as Humboldt, considered, with such a
tender relation as the one existing between the par-
ties> such a present, and through a third person, could
neither be offered nor acpepted; and sxiggested a modi-
fication. Goethe replied, that he hoped to be able to
change this objectionable incident, and to follow the
other suggestions of the friends. Humboldt read the
conclusion when he returned to Berlin, and writes—
*c The fifth book is highly interesting, and entirely
in the spirit of its predecessors. But the difficxilty
with the person in whose arms Wilhelm felt himself
is more seen through than, I think, was permissible.
Meister's falling asleep is also not natural/'
The most interesting discussion on this subject took
when the conclusion of the " apprenticeship3*
as both Schiller and Korner took part in